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Bun • Loaf • MexicoMexican/Japanese ♡ They/Them ♡ Feb 7th ♡ AquariusYou can call me Bun, I'm a self-taught artist who prefers digital media as a method. I own far too many pets to feed and love video games. I have been drawing since I was a little kid and have a real passion for character and world building.Freelance illustrations and character creation are my main source of income and any kind of support is deeply appreciated!(。’▽’。)♡

Terms of Service

By commissioning me you are agreeing to the following conditions; please make sure to read carefully and contact me with any inquiries you may have. I reserve the right to decline a commission if any of these terms are violated.

I. Refunds, Pricing and Payment.I(a). All of my prices are in USD (US Dollars) via PayPal. Commissions won't be started until payment is done. I will send an invoice to an email provided by the commissioner.
I(b). Full refunds are available if the commission hasn’t been started. 80% refund if already sketched, there is no refund for finished pieces. If asking for a refund I will not provide the finished file, just a screenshot as proof. This applies to art only, for information on customs and adoptables please check below.
I(c). Prices are not to be lowered/haggled. Begging/guilt tripping will result in blocking and blacklisting.
I(d). I use base prices, meaning design, complexity, and /or specific species might raise the final price.
I(e). Any major changes done after the piece is finished will have an extra fee depending on the complexity.
I(f). For adopts I will hold the adoptable for a maximum of 48 hours, if payment is not sent by then the adoptable will go back on sale.
I(g). Payment plans are available on prices $250 and up. 50% down payment will be required, the rest of the payment plan to be discussed prior to purchase.
I(h). Absolutely NO chargebacks. If there is a problem please contact me first. Chargebacks will result in immediate blacklisting.
I(i). Unpaid invoices for over 72 hours without communication or prior notice will result in a cancellation of the service.
I(j). International commissioners please be especially punctual with replies when you're available as timezones affect not only my queue but payment transactions.
II. Ordering Process.II(a). The commissioner must check the availability and read the T.o.S. before requesting a commission.
II(b). When ordering a commission please provide a detailed, visual reference appropriate to the type of commission they're requesting.
II(c). WIPs will be provided for approval unless the type of commission specifies no WIPs will be available.
II(d). Small modifications on designs might happen (slight palette changes/markings/details/etc) unless specified not to, in this case there might be an increase on price due to complexity.
II(e). Commissions will be in the style examples provided. I will not mimic a different artist’s style.
II(f). Commission time may vary due to different projects/time on my part so please be patient and don't rush me. I will give you an estimate on the time I will take depending on my queue and the complexity of the project. I do provide updates and communicate any delays.
III. Commissioner Approval.III(a). I will share a screenshot of the finished piece for the commissioner's approval before delivering the finished file.
III(b). Minor changes are okay with finished pieces.
III(c). Big/multiple or complex changes will require an extra fee. I reserve the right to refuse major changes on a finished commission.
III(d). If some detail was forgotten/I made a mistake on the piece please make sure to let me know so I can rectify it.
III(e). Passive-aggressive/nitpicky/insulting replies will result in refused service in the future.
III(f). Lack of replies will be assumed as approved.
IV. Image Usage.IV(a). I reserve the right to post commissions to my websites (ToyHou.se, DeviantArt, Tumblr, etc.) unless specified not to.
IV(b). It's prohibited to edit a commission by yourself or request another artist to do so. Cropping for icons/headers/etc is fine but the signature cannot be removed.
IV(c). I reserve the right to use commissions for my portfolio/pricing examples.
IV(d). Original Species' commissions can be transferred upon trading/selling.
IV(e). Commissions can't be used commercially unless specified in the beginning. Art meant for commercial uses will have a different pricing that should be discussed in the ordering process.
IV(f). I DO NOT allow, under any circumstances, for my art to be minted or sold through crypto currency (NFT). Be commissions, fanart, original or any form of art I've produced. Any clients who take part of this/tokenize my art will be immediately put into a public blacklist as to warn other artists.
V. Blacklisting & Refusal.V(a). Commissions might be refused under my discretion. Some themes, characters, etc. make me uncomfortable and I reserve the right to refuse work.
V(b). I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I am uncomfortable with the commissioner.
V(c). Blacklisted commissioners will be refused service.
V(d). I can note/PM my reasons for blacklisting, however reacting poorly will not help your case.
V(e). Being un-blacklisted is possible if the offense wasn't big.
V(f). If a commissioner is blacklisted before the commission is finished they will get the work I've done so far, no refunds.
VI. Character Design & Adoptables.VI(a). I will only take character slots when they are open. I will not save slots, payment must be ready if you decide to purchase.
VI(b). When requesting a custom slot please be clear on what you want. Adding a moodboard helps.
VI(c). If little to no information is provided for a custom it is assumed I have free reign with the character.
VI(d). Commissioners who request custom designs will get a preview of the sketched design. It can be changed up to two times if they're not satisfied. More changes after that come with an extra fee.
VI(e). Full refunds are available if the custom hasn’t been started. 80% refund if already sketched, 40% if it’s a finished piece. If asking for a refund I will not provide the finished file, just a screenshot as proof.
VI(f). I reserve the right to resell a design that was refunded.
VI(g). Copying the design after asking for a refund will result in blacklisting.
VII. Behavior & Concerns.VII(a). Respect works both ways, I will expect commissioners to be mature and respectful throughout the process.
VII(b). Guilt tripping, offences/insults towards me/my art/working method/etc will result in blacklisting and/or a permanent block.
VII(c). If you have doubts or concerns about anything (prices/process/myself) please ask privately.

Last updated 02/08/2022

Examples & Prices

Read before orderingBy commissioning me you're accepting my Terms of Service so please make sure to read them beforehand.Commissions slots will open sporadically and will be managed via Google Forms. I reserve the right to select which commissions I want to work on/feel most comfortable with. Commissions usually don't take more than a month to complete but I will communicate about any delays in case anything happens.These are base prices, any add-ons and or complexity fees might be applied. Feel free to message me for an accurate quote if you feel this would apply to the commission you have in mind!


$35 Flat color ♡ $50 Rendered
$45 Flat color ♡ $60 Rendered
+$10 for foreground elements


ChibiSketch $35 ♡ Flats $50 ♡ Rendered $70Note: Extremely detailed clothing and markings will be simplified to preserve the quality of the finished piece, else a complexity fee will be added.


Flats: $45
Rendered: $55
Waist Up
Flats: $55
Rendered: $75
Full Body
Flats: $100
Rendered: $130
These are transparent/basic shape/color/gradient bg onlyBackground add-ons
Depending on complexity.

Click on the thumbs to expand

Extra characters: +base price of the first
Simple shape or gradient backgrounds: Free


To be used as Discord, Twitch and Picarto emotes.Standard
$30 each ♡ $140 for pack of 5
$50-60 each depending on complexity ♡ $230-280 for a pack of 5

Reference Sheet

Starting at $150

Includes a flat colored full body, a flat colored headshot, color palette and some text information.
Please ask for a quote if you would like to add more views or other elements.

If you have an example of something else I have done in the past feel free to message me and I might be able to give you a quote, however I might no longer be able to replicate that style or might not feel comfortable working on that.

VTuber Model & Assets

Model Art ONLYBust: Starting at $100
Chibi Feral: Starting at $150
Half Body: Starting at $250
Full Body: Starting at $400

Rig ONLYBust or Feral Model: Starting at $150
Half Body: Starting at $300
Full Body: Starting at $500

PacksJiggly Feral Model Art + Rid: Starting at $250
Feral model, will have a jelly like consistency so there is a lot of movement. Has no/minimal shading.
Chibi Anthro/Humanoid Model Art + Rig: Starting at $800
Human(oid) or Anthro models. Will have minimal shading.

ExtrasToggles: +$20-40 each depending on complexity
Animations: +$35-50 each depending on complexity
Extra Props: Starting at $25
L2D Props: Starting at $50


Just Chatting only: $75
Includes blinking animation
Extra Expressions: $50
Props: $25 each
PNGtuber Pack: $200
Includes three expressions and two props


Chibi courtesy of NoiArts ♥

buntato.art@gmail.comContact me via mail or through my other social media if you prefer. Thank you so much for your support ♡